Prelim ideas

Preliminary ideas

A quick brainstorm before I delve into the preliminary sourcing of Bike Aid Projects. I want to have a clearer idea of my starting point and what I want to start researching.

Bicycles Create Change Prelim Brainstorm
Bicycles Create Change Prelim Brainstorm

The first step is some preliminary groundwork into bike ventures to see what individuals, organisations and initiatives are currently being implemented. I also want to get a broader sense of current Bike Aid approaches (alternative uses for bikes) and to start developing a local-global review of prevailing Bike Aid developments, projects, outcomes and trends.


Kaurna Cycling for Culture
Source: Kaurna Cycling for Culture

Welcome to Bicycles Create Change!

The Maityuwampi (bat wing) best represents this inaugural post.

Just as the Kaurna peoples in South Australia had no words to describe the bicycle and had to create new ways to describe it, so too, this blog endeavour to communicate and share the stories, initiatives and people who use, exchange, produce and love bicycles.

Maityuwampi – a new way to describe bikes.

This post is an initial point of entry into a new culture – albeit an online one. As this first post enters this new community, I am wary of negotiating the new locations, connections and customs inherent when participating and interacting here. It is strangely synonymous with travelling overseas or when visiting other peoples and cultures.

So as I enter this new cultural space, I acknowledge that this blog originates from Australia, which is Aboriginal land.  I recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of Aboriginal peoples and pay respect to the elders, both past and present, who are the traditional custodians of the knowledge and culture of the first Australians.

I look forward to navigating this new domain and to share the ‘glocal’ knowledge, skills and experiences I uncover where bicycles create postive community change – Welcome to the blog!