Bicycles Create ChangeHey there! Welcome!

My name is Nina Ginsberg. I am a lover of bicycles, education, positive community change and squeezing the most out of life.

I have always loved riding bikes and have been amazed and humbled by the places it has (literally) taken me and the incredible impacts that riding a bike has had on my life – and the lives of others.

Having lived in Melbourne for many years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the vibrant cycling lifestyle and community there and with a move to Brisbane, have relished exploring my new city on two wheels.

I have a Linguistics and Education background and completed my Masters in International Development. Over the years I have travelled widely for research, work and adventure. As of Feb 2016,  I commenced my PhD. This gives me the opportunity to combine all these passions together. I am currently working at Griffith University and live with my husband, four-legged furry daughter and assorted bikes in Brisbane, Australia.

Essentially, this blog is a synthesis of the bicycle initiatives I come across in my research and out of interest. It also includes a little of my PhD process, thoughts, associated events, personalities and other connections that arise as I explore the many glorious ways in which bicycles create positive community change.

Welcome to the blog – enjoy and happy riding!

Nina Bicycles Create Change