I blog because I genuinely believe that bikes make people and communities better and telling others about this makes me feel better.

I don’t get paid to do this. I do it because I want to.

Sometimes blogging is easy, other times a hard slog.

I am a busy person, just like you – so I am not always a careful editor.

I research, read and work in front of a computer – a lot.

At times I would prefer to be out riding.

Sometimes I make mistakes or some aspect of my WordPress back-end functionality makes the ‘final save’ wonky.

I embrace that I am a ‘divergent thinker’,  but in some cases like editing, spelling and small text details, this can be tricky and I miss things.

Every so often, someone will point out an error or a typo in the blog.

Sometimes they apologise for telling me, but I am always very grateful.

Er, don’t you mean ‘No Regrets’? Yes. I do. But at least blog posts can be edited. (Source: Intellectualtakeout.org)

So if you see a typo, misspelling, or otherwise grammatical issue on my blog, please let me know where and what it is – I would really appreciate it.

My email is nina AT bicyclescreatechange DOT com  – or you can email me through the contact page.

Thanks for your time and input – happy reading and fun riding friend!